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Elipse Eclipse Apocalipse - Marcia Ribeiro 2022 Créditos ©Nadja Kouchi 18.jpg
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"Marcia's pictorial practice begins as Earth - matter, canvas, paint, surfaces, layers, reliefs, eruptions, geology, scraping, excavations, wear, and archeology - and becomes Cosmos - light, explosion, color, and cosmology. The artist builds a historical past by overlaying coats of paint and then scraping and excavating them layer upon layer as if in an archaeological dig, to reveal the physical memory of the painting itself like one does when dating soil. The technique highlights pictorial layers, accentuates the relief of the canvas, and releases eruptions of light and color that result in a visual vocabulary of cosmic movements and explosions. The geological construction and the archaeological action that follow paradoxically reveal a cosmos."

Fabio Morais


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