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* Photos Alex Takaki

'Ray of light' 2024
detail- 'Ray of light'
'Requiem', 2021
'Sunset', 2014
'Ascension VII', 2020
Aperture III
The Starry Pyramid
The Night
The Cosmic Scape
The Lake
Aperture I
The Light Valley
Aperture II
White Flow
One more day one less day
'New Moon', 2021
The Landscape III
The Landscape II
'Early morning everything seems is gonna be alright', 2020
Ascending IV
Beyond Colors
'Solar Eclipse', 2022
Wake Up, Love
Nyctophilia II
Nyctophilia I
When the night is right
Ascending V
The sea doesn’t end up here
In Between Planes
Ascending III
The Eclipse II
Before the Explosion
Between Planes
A Travessia
'Sunset II', 2014
'Blue Flow', 2022
Ascending II
'Beyond Colors II', 2022
'Clear Night', 2022
'Nyctophilia III', 2022
'The Eclipse III', 2022

"Even if seen as representation, it would be reductionist to limit Marcia Ribeiro’s paintings to visual aspects alone. Her work is the result of actions that are indicial and impasto on canvas as a field of work. The artist does not paint landscapes but instead overlaps layers of paint that make up a pictorial relief landscape that is later eroded to release color and light. It is as if the forces that move the Universe’s matter were tapered into the human scale of art and acted upon the materiality of the pictorial field the same way they work on the cosmic scale. If the human body is one of the forces driven by the Big Bang as Western science declares, then the same original drive that blows up Supernovas and congregates planetary matter seems to drive Marcia Ribeiro to create and manipulate universes inside the cosmogonic perimeter of the canvas.”

Fabio Morais

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