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​'Ciao Mondo- Elliptical Requiem' 2022

                                                                       *Photos by Nadja Kouchi

'Flags'  2022

                                                                       *Photos by Nadja Kouchi

"FLAGS" 2022- 03 flags - Planet / Galaxy / Universe
Dimensions: 1.80m x 2.56m installed on iron poles with 7m, 8m and 7m height respectively.
Digital Printing on Nylon
Print run 05 Units + 02 Artist Tests.


The installation ‘FLAGS’ announces: ‘We are planetary beings! Intergalactic travelers through this infinite Universe!' It evokes issues such as colonization, territory, expansion of systems, planetary consciousness, space race. It dialogues with the work of the artist Antonio Dias “Anywhere is my land” from 1968. Utopically, it dissolves geopolitical borders, seeking to raise a sense of collectivity: We inhabit Planet Earth. It's all ours!Is it all ours? 'ANYWHERE IS MY LAND'. Really, Antonio? Who can circulate? Who owns it? Why is it like this? How could it be?Utopia as a horizon of change!

'Atomic Capsule'  2022

*Photos by Nadja Kouchi

"Atomic Capsule" 2022- 03 Iron arches fixed on mirrored circular plate 2.10m high x 4.20m circumference

Atoms are infinitely small particles that constitute all matter in the universe. When entering the work 'Cápsula Atomica'- 2022, I see my own body reflected in the mirrored surface: I'M HERE The upper arches are completed in large circles. and the sky appears under my feet. we are all flying The work discusses matter, origin, micro and macro, subjectivity of the individual.

'A Bit of Nothing'  2019

'A Bit of Nothing' 2019'- Elliptical Mirror, Nylon Wires, 1000 Ampoules and Penicillin Glasses, Oxygen 65%, Carbon 19%, Hydrogen 10%, Nitrogen 3.1%, Calcium 1.5%, Phosphorus 1%, Potassium 0.30%, Sulfur, Sodium, Iron, Magnesium and Chlorine.

Dimensions variable ( approximately 4,00m x 3,50m x 3,50m / 158,00' x 138.00' x 138,00' ).


   *Photos by Mariana Bassani

'In turn, A Bit of Nothing is an eminently analytical method to be experienced: instead of producing fragmented matter - dust - and from it recreating the image of a cosmic unit, in this installation it is the image of an unambiguous corporeality – a human body – that is shredded into a thousand parts that are still duplicated by the mirrored pitch darkness of its surroundings. Composed of hundreds of small vases, tubes and other glass containers that hold the chemicals that make up our bodies (oxygen, carbon, calcium, potassium, hydrogen, chlorine, sulfur, sodium, among others), the installation sculpts a body in the air that is in everything elusive, evanescent and therefore infinite. In this kind of representation, Márcia Ribeiro does not create, as she does in her paintings, only the image of a body in a constant movement of boiling, condensation, and sublimation. A Bit of Nothing is fundamentally a small allegory about life and its cosmologies.'

*Text by Clarissa Diniz- Critic and curator

* Video by Mariana Metri

The artist talks about her solo show 'A Bit of Nothing' at Casa da Luz, in São Paulo- 2019

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