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'Mariri' Serie n.2 - In Between
'Mariri' Serie n.1 - Landing
'Mariri' Serie n.5 - The Flight
'Mariri' Serie n.4- The Cashew
'Mariri' Serie n.3 - The Rain


Inspired by the elements of nature and its cycles.

The drawings (matrices) were made during the period I spent in artistic residency at Alto Residency @altoresidency, located at @maririjunglelodge in Chapada dos Veadeiros GO, at the end of 2018. I was in the middle of the forest for two months, invited by the institution. The intense contact with nature inspired an unforgettable personal and creative journey. At night the animals made crazy sounds, it was like a very powerful experimental orchestra. At the beginning of the stay, in order to 'calm down' and get to sleep, I dotted the paper, from inside my cabin made of wooden walls and net with a plastic roof. I could see the moon all night and the fireflies would wake me up at night with their light. There was a spider the size of my (open) hand that lived in the corner of the bathroom and over time we became best friends. This may seem like hell but it was a wonderfully transformative experience and I have been developing projects from there until today.


. Please send me the delivery address with your favorite ( s ) serigraphy by email at or

whatsupp +55.11.991577397

and I'll answer with the payment link. 

Each serigraphy costs US 120.00 ( US dollar ).   


* Helping indigenous people during COVID- 19 pandemic 

In the midst of this chaos that is taking place in Brazil, some NGOs have given vital help to people who are less fortunate. I make available the serigraphs from the “Mariri” series for projects that aim to help institutions, which help these groups that are highly impacted by COVID-19 in Brazil. For each sold serigraphy, a staple food basket is donated for them. My focus is to help the indigenous communities, which were already totally abandoned by the government before the pandemic and are literally suffering a massacre, being destroyed by both the Coronavirus and by having what's left of their land stolen by the current government politics. So far we have contributed (me and the buyers) to APOINME - Articulation of Indigenous Peoples and Organizations in the Northeast, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo; the Kanindé Ethno-Environmental Defense Association in Porto Velho-RO; as well as the Association of Rondônia Indigenous Warriors-AGIR and with the Village of the Xakriabá people who live in the north of Minas Gerais in the municipality of São João das Missões, Pataxó Hã Hã Hãe in Bahia and Kokama Village in the Amazon Forrest.

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